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Kabaka’s Lake – Largest Man Made Lake of Africa

Kabakas Lake Kampala

Kabaka’s Lake is situated in Kampala the capital city of Uganda, within a few kilometers from the city centre. It is a man made lake that was formed on the orders of King Mwanga II from 1885 to 1888. The lake is surrounded by scenic beauty with two islands in the middle of it. The lake has developed as a sanctuary for hundreds of rare aquatic animals and plants.

The unusual aspect of this lake is that without any major tributaries, the water levels of this lake almost remain constant throughout the year. This place attracts lots of tourists who frequent this place to have a glimpse of the scenic beauty around this lake.

The idea of the king was to create a channel wide enough for him to travel by boat to Munyonyo where he built another palace at Mulungu hill near Lake Victoria. Of the two excavated lakes in East Africa, this lake is one of the biggest lakes in the entire Africa. It is around 2 square km and is about 200 feet deep on an average.

One of the astonishing facts about this lake is that its construction started in spite of the low technical advancements during that time. The excavation process was started by using basic equipments like hoes and bare hands. Everyone contributed in the construction of this like from the chiefs to his subjects. However, the work was abruptly disrupted and stopped before the lake could stretch to Minypnyo after eleven months of digging on 2nd August 1888, due to a religious war which broke out in the kingdom. The total area covered by the present lake is somewhat similar to where the digging work stopped in 1888.